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Renewable Energy

TurnerLegal's Renewable Energy Service Offering
Through our vertical integration operating model and strong understanding of the technical political and economic dynamics surrounding renewable energy, TurnerLegal advises and represents organs of state, community stakeholders, regulatory bodies, NGO’s and local and international private companies across the renewable energy sector. Clients are represented in a wide range of areas, including regulatory compliance, tender processes, public procurement contracts, corporate structuring, negotiation and financing of local renewable energy projects, public / private partnerships, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

We offer the following services

1. Domestic and foreign regulatory and cross border transactional advice;
2. Drafting of complex energy transactions in terms of new generation capacity framework including: renewable energy; production, distribution, transmission, reticulation, trading, import and export, wheeling arrangements, power purchase agreements, land lease agreements and BOT agreements;
3. Preparing, submitting, vetting and assisting in obtaining applicable licenses, applications, permits and approvals to build and operate renewable energy power plants;

4. Municipal scoping services including:

Reviewing the structure of the municipal council and political environment;
Reviewing the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) of the municipality and related environmental, planning and energy policies of the municipality;
Assessing the existing programmes of the municipality in relation to client’s business;
Assessing the level of alignment of the municipality’s service delivery mandate and LED objectives to that of the client;
Determining the community stakeholders and their level of influence in relation to the municipality’s policies; and
Determining the level of political stability within the local and provincial government structures, where possible.

5. Engagement with the municipality including:

verify the material outcomes of the municipal scoping exercise;
negotiate ‘selling points’ for the LED component of the client’s proposal;
assess energy security challenges;
determine land and special planning challenges, if any;
establish comparative/competitive bids; and
understand the treasury challenges/restraints.

6. Land Use Planning (LUPO) / NEMA Applications

consideration of EIAs;
advise and assist client with preparation of LUPO applications; and
advise and assist client with Environmental Management regulatory matters.

7. Review of Administrative Actions

advise and prepare appeals to Tender Appeal Authorities/Committees; and
bring High Court Review Applications against state organs on supply chain matters.